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Volunteer in Cloud Forest Ecuador

Volunteer in Cloud Forest Ecuador

The volunteer program in the Cloud Forest Ecuador is located in Urcu Puyujunda Eco-Lodge, 3km from Las Tolas village and close to Mindo Ecuador, with 350 species of birds.

Volunteer program Cloud Forest Ecuador:
Urcu Puyujunda Cloud Forest Eco-Lodge area also offers the worlds richest bird bio-diversity, unexplored wilderness, natural and archaeological remains, and vibrant landscapes with 80% native forest and 20% organic farmland for the milking of the cows. It is a small place with 200 inhabitants; they came from other towns to this area for better conditions of life. The community was dedicated to cultivating sugar cane, raising cattle, to craft and to exploitation of woods. People of the town are very friendly and helpful. They have a little school, a communal meeting and a church; most of the community is catholic.

The Yumbos culture lived in the northwestern from 13th to 16th centuries. One of the archaeological remnants of this culture are the “Yumbos” pool (located in Tulipe town at 9km of Urcu Puyujunda Cloud Forest Eco-Lodge)

Some people worry about exploitation of the woods and the waste contamination in the forest of Ecuador, especially in the Cloud Forest and this problem has many ecological disasters. Other people think that they cannot do anything about it or the problems are so big that they are out of their hands, therefore, we need people to worry in order to save the Cloud Forest and to teach English to the children community of Las Tolas town. Volunteers or Scientists are very welcome.

Free volunteer in Urcu Puyujunda Eco Lodge Ecuador
Free volunteer in Urcu Puyujunda Eco Lodge Ecuador
In Cloud Forest a small Reserve is looking for volunteers who like or have experience administrate an eco lodge, creating a biological station, doing a new search or conservation project that attract tourists as butterfly and orchid farm, etc.
Conservation Program Cloud Forest Ecuador
Conservation Program Cloud Forest Ecuador
The slopes of the Andes are dressed with a wonderful dense ecosystem: the Cloud Forest. This ecosystem, also called "Andean eyebrow" due to its generous vegetation, is one of the most diverse in the world.
Low cost Volunteer in Ecuador - Eco Volunteer UP
Low cost Volunteer in Ecuador - Eco Volunteer UP
National & International Resources. Low cost Volunteer in Ecuador - Eco Volunteer
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