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Mindo Ecuador Birding Tours

 Mindo Ecuador Birding Tours

Ecuador is truly “bird-rich”. It is one of the four richest countries worldwide in terms of bird life, making it an excellent location for bird watching. Mindo Ecuador Birding Tours:

Ecuador has more bird species than the United States, Canada and Europe put together. It also has nearly twice as many bird species as can be found in Costa Rica (877 species). Almost half of all the hummingbird species in the world can be found in Ecuador. In the Mindo-Nambillo-Las Tolas area alone, you can find more than 460 species of birds.
The Cloud Forest is considered one of the planet's biodiversity “hot spots”, with a greater diversity of birds than just about anywhere else in the world. One of the favourite activities for bird-watchers here is to head out early in the morning with a guide to try to spot the shy Cock of the Rock. Other birds you might see include the Golden-Headed Quetzal, the Choco Toucan and the Club-Winged Manakin, along with hummingbirds and woodpeckers. And there is so much more … other fauna that make the Cloud Forest home include many butterflies, bats, squirrels, deer, coated bears and small amphibians.

ITINERARY 2 days / 1 night (1st option - Mindo Birding tours).

Mindo Ecuador Bird Tours. If you would like to stay more days at the eco lodge for the birding tour in cloud forest, please contact us.


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