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About us - Urcu Puyujunda Eco Lodge - Las Tolas Mindo Ecuador

About us - Urcu Puyujunda Eco Lodge - Las Tolas Mindo Ecuador

Urcu Puyujunda actually means Cloud (Puyujunda) Forest (Urcu) in the Quechua language. The Urcu Puyujunda Cloud Forest Eco Lodge is a beautiful place administered by an Ecuadorian couple who graduated in eco-tourism. Your adventure begins with a wonderful trip of 90km (about two hours) from Quito to the Eco-Lodge, located at the northwest of the Pichincha province. It is accessed from the Nanegalito - Mindo road.

About us - Urcu Puyujunda Eco Lodge - Las Tolas Mindo Ecuador:
It's a small ecological reserve privately owned and managed and was created for the preservation of the Cloud Forest. It offers both national and international visitors a great chance to observe and preserve the amazing ecosystem that the Cloud Forest represents. There are trails that you can hike of varying length and difficulty from which you can observe rivers, waterfalls and the native forest, characterised by outstanding levels of biodiversity and endemism.

The experience of living in this magical region will create memories that will be an unforgettable part of your life. Urcu Puyujunda Cloud Forest Eco Lodge is located within the mountainous region of the Choco-Andes, classified as one of the regions with the greatest bird bio diversity in the whole world (more than 350 species). In fact, it's part of the Tumbés-Choco-Magdalena Bio diversity Hotspot, recognized by the UICN as one of the regions with greatest levels of bio diversity and endemism in the world. The Lodge is at a height between 1760 and 1800m above sea level. It belongs to the Low Moist Mountain Forest ecotype (Holdrige). The average annual rainfall is between 1000 and 2500 mm and the temperature varies between 12° and 23° C (53°F and 72°F).

Other objectives of the Urcu Puyujunda Cloud Forest Lodge are to: work on conservation projects; teach English to the children and artisans group of San José de Las Tolas village (close to the Lodge) through volunteering programmes; to help with reforestation of the area; to offer facilities and organise eco-tours for institutions and students that are interested in the conservation of natural and archaeological resources.

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