Mindo Cultural Tours

Mindo Cultural Tours

Are you are travelling through Ecuador and search for Cultural Tours? Here you can see all our Mindo Cultural Tours. We pick you up from your Hotel in Quito and all our tours to Mindo include the transportation !

Butterfly Farm in Mindo is a tourist complex in the subtropical cloud forest, located on the northwest ridge of the Andes Mountains, 2 hour drive from Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Cloud Forest is best known for its mega biodiversity, as well as for a variety of outdoor activities.

Tulipe Archaeological Site Museum was originally built by the Yumbo People who lived at the northwestern of Quito at 400 Before Christ. The Museum was open three years ago and was recognised as international level and get the REINA SOFIA FIRST AWARD WINNER IN SPAIN 2012. It has improved the life style of the communities around the area. The Yumbos culture was thriving in the area from the 13th to 16th Centuries. The Yumbos had a trading network which reached from the Sierra to the Coast. You can also find archeological ruins of the Yumbos culture in Tulipe town (near Urcu Puyujunda Cloud Forest Lodge), called the Incas’s Pools. Alongside this, in the whole area you can find numerous ceremonial tolas (pyramids) and also funerary tolas created by the Yumbos in the pre-Inca period, together with the Yumbos path, which had a great relevance within the community. This archaeological richness is complemented by Tulipe’s archaeological complex, one of the greatest discoveries from this period.

Equator Line – Mitad del Mundo – Itiñan Museum
In all of the itineraries will include the visit to the Equator line at the Itiñan Museum. Yumbos culture was living in the northwest of Pichincha as saying above and they followed the Itiñan that means Yumbo ́s Path of Sun, this very interesting museum rescues ancestral worldwide of geographic center and demonstrate different experiments occurs just in the Middle of the World – Equator Line as: Balancing the egg on the head of a nail, Coriolis Effect, strength tests and other magnetic demonstration. Don ́t read come and prove it. Besides the guide explains you about other Ecuadorian cultures that came before the Incas.

Mindo has one of the best Organic Chocolate all over Ecuador called “El Quetzal” and you can visit this little homemade factory in Mindo in our Tours.

Mindo Cultural Tours  

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Mindo Cultural Tours