Mindo Bird Watching Frog Concert Night Walk Tarabita Biking Tour

Mindo Birdwatching

Mindo Bird Watching Frog Concert Night Walk Tarabita Biking Tour

ITINERARY # 1 – Do you want to enjoy the beautiful Cloud Forest for 4 Days? Take pleasure in “Bird watching”, the unique “Frog concert – Night Walk”, and the authentic “Biking” in Mindo. At the same time, you will be able to relax in the countryside of the Cloud Forest for these 4 days Mindo Bird Watching Frog Concert Night Walk Tarabita Biking TourHeading down northwest to Quito you will get the best access to Mindo Cloud Forest – rainforest. It is a small eco-friendly town that is a good base for exploring the lush nature surroundings and the abundant outdoor activities in the area. Mindo Biking Frog Concert Night Walk Tarabita Bird watching 4 Day tour are all good options for watching different species of birds unique in the world and biking around this nice town, and discovering the rainforest during the day and at night.


Choose Mindo Ecuador for your bird watching tour. There are around 550 bird species in the Mindo Cloud Forest. It is a great experience for ornithological beginners or experienced birders. You will watch several species of birds, such as; Cock of the rock, Golden Headed Quetzal, Tanager clocks, and Toucans among others.

Take the best guided sightseeing bicycle tour in Mindo and explore the fantastic tropical forest without malaria. Ride many trail options in town and take great pictures of beautiful landscapes.

Experience the magic tropical forest in Mindo Lago at the Frog concert to observe and see several species of amphibians and insects at the end a fresh night walking tour in Mindo Cloud Forest.

Meaningful trip crossing Tarabita (cable ride) and hike in the authentic Mindo Nambillo waterfall, worth trip! Beautiful nature and pleasure place to know diverse of flora. Mindo Bird Watching Frog Concert Night Walk Tarabita Biking Tour


US$ 370 + 12% tax per person – Premium bungalow or tree house bungalow

US$ 399 + 12% tax per person – Luxury bungalow or Tree house with hot tub

DAY 1:

Morning: Start your day going to Mitad del Mundo – Intiñan Experiment museum, the guide picks you up at your Quito hotel. Driving to the Ecuador Cloud Forest and on the way you will watch a typical landscape of the Andes with some houses on the mountain hills. Arrive at the lodge. Have a very delicious lunch at our Mindo hotel.

Afternoon: Be above the Cloud Forest canopy in the cable car called Tarabita  and hike to different cascadas (waterfalls). Great place to know the Mindo forest.

Night: Home – cooked dinner with a welcome cocktail and a campfire.

DAY 2:

Wake up early in the morning and walk for bird watching. You will meet the specialist birding guide. You can add to watch the cock of the rock at Refugio Paz de las Aves. (US$ 20 entrance fee). Come back to our Bed & breakfast in Mindo and have a delicious breakfast buffet. Relax day in our hammocks or taking pictures of the zone. You also can add another extra activity.   Local meal is prepared for lunch.

Afternoon: Walking around Mindo or sit back around the pool or swimming in the pool.

Night: Start the Frog Concert in Mindo Lago exploring many creatures around a lake and walking in the forest.  Enjoy a healthy dinner in Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa restaurant.

DAY 3:

Morning: Fresh breakfast buffet all made at the lodge with local products. Start your adventure cycling in Mindo. The green, lush landscapes are naturally accented with nature trails, freshwater rivers, and waterfalls, which can be explored by bike as well. Good lunch with local and organic vegetables.

Afternoon: Rest in our comfortable Mindo Guesthouse.

Night: Superb dinner and talk to the nice local troupe. You will learn about Ecuador.

DAY 4:

Morning: Farmhouse breakfast cooked in the Eco-lodge and return to Quito.

Mindo Bird Watching Frog Concert Night Walk Tarabita Biking Tour


  • Private transport from Quito to the lodge, from the lodge to Quito and to the activities described in the itinerary
  • Accommodation with private bathroom
  • All meals
  • Activities (bird watching, frog concert, hike, biking)
  • Entrance fee to the real Equator – Mitad del Mundo Museum, Frog concert and Tarabita.
  • Guide specialist in bird watching

US$ 25/person – entrance fee and transportation from the Lodge to Refuge to see the Cock of the rock. Optional


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