Mindo Ecuador Senior Travel Group

Lodge Mindo Cloud Forest

Mindo Ecuador Senior Travel Group

Mindo Ecuador Senior Travel Group tour was designed specifically for travelers, over the age of 50, who want to take their trips to new heights. Our itinerary and activity levels can be flexible and accommodate their requirements to create lifelong memories.  

Discover the unique tours available for Seniors in Mindo Ecuador. The experience will help Seniors relax and enjoy the charming accommodations; such as the Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa.  The Lodge has a fantastic view of the Mindo Cloud Forest. Senior travelers will have the opportunity to meet other travelers in their age range. The experience comes with breathtaking views, wonderful accommodations and an amazing opportunity to socialize with peers.

Mindo Ecuador Senior Travel Group

There is no age limit for fun.  Mindo Ecuador Senior Travel Group gives travelers a genuine experience with thoughtfully planned activities while providing time for travelers to explore at a more relaxed pace. During some of the Senior tours in Ecuador – Cloud Forest, travelers have the opportunity to experience a wide range of interests; such as, visiting a local school of Mindo and exploring cultural areas around the lodge, adventure travel or volunteering and more.

All the itineraries are anywhere from 1 day to 5 days, including transportation from and to the hotel in Quito or we can arrange airport pickup and drop off.  They also include our fantastic body massages in the clouds. There are many options to explore the enchanting Mindo Cloud Forest include:

Senior Adventure Tours

On this tour, Senior adventurers have a combination of moderate activity and relaxing activities. Have fun at the Mindo zip line, tubing, horseback riding or rappelling and ecological hiking through the Cloud Forest with its many breathtakingly beautiful views.

Senior Cultural tours

Enjoy the cultural and natural attributes of Mindo. Start with a visit to the Equator line and learning about Ecuadorian history. Make sure to go to the impressive archeological site of the Yumbos culture, a pre – Inca tribe who lived in the northwest area before the Incas arrived, and not to miss visits, to local markets.  

Senior Learning Tours

Learning tours are a unique travel experience for people who want to both learn about and help the community. The tour includes one day of volunteering and also visiting a local school as well as the farmers in the area. It also includes learning how to make Ecuadorian cuisine along with picking up some Spanish words to add to your vocabulary.

Natural tours

Enjoy the peace and quiet at Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa. Travelers will get the opportunity to hike and learn about different kinds of flora and fauna, visit the butterfly and orchid garden and wake up early in the morning for bird watching to see cock of the rock, toucans, and several kinds of birds with a birder guide.

Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa puts in a lot of effort to ensure travelers have a great holiday in Mindo Cloud Forest.

Mindo Ecuador Senior Travel Group

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